What is the optical fiber preform technology

Completed since 1977 in Chicago, USA the world’s first commercial fiber optic communication lines laying optical fiber and cable industry 30 years considerable development, optical fiber cable, there is no fixed telephone, mobile communications, radio and television, the Internet has become so commoninformation services, information industry, the long-term development of the information economy and information society in the world. Our society and economy, all walks of life and national defense and military leave of fiber optic cable network, will be in a state of paralysis. Therefore, optical fiber cable is undoubtedly the nerve center of information, optical fiber cable industry has become the basis of strategic industries, fiber optic cable has become a strategic material.

1. “light into the copper,” the strategy has enormous social and economic benefits

We first count of a simple account. 1 km in length and 0.4 mm in diameter (communication cable diameter size of 0.32 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.4 mm of the most common), communication cable, for example, 2.237 kg of copper on the circuit, when the copper 20,000 yuan / ton in 2004, the circuit kilometers of copper costs $ 45; when the copper price is 33,000 yuan / ton in 2005, the same copper cost 74 yuan; 2006 copper price has risen to the level of up to 80,000 yuan / ton, the same cost of copper has risen to 179 yuan! In other words, the 600 pairs of circuit-km cost of copper was 10.7 million. If each of the circuit 64K (fixed bandwidth) to calculate the bandwidth, 600 compared to 38.4M. 600 pairs of all use 1M ADSL, the overall bandwidth is only 600M.

However, the 1-km fiber prices? The current average price of about $ 85. The bandwidth of the fiber is not a few hundred pairs of circuit can be compared. With appropriate equipment, single, at least with the fiber bandwidth can reach 155M level, can generally be up to 2.5G ~ 10G up to 40G.

In contrast, the advantages of optical fiber is self-evident. Especially in the context of copper prices skyrocketing, fiber prices continue to fall, the attractiveness of the fiber operators is very strong. Obviously, as long as it is at the right occasions, operators must renounce the use of the communication cable and optic fiber light into the copper with the inevitable.

2, the optical fiber cable industry chain level:

The industrial division of labor, the level of the optical fiber cable industry chain is simply divided into such three layers: the upper reaches of the chemical raw materials and optical fiber preform, midstream fiber, downstream of the fiber optic cable. Preform is the use of chemical raw materials (quartz based) use of a complex process made​​; intermediate link is the use of preforms for drawing made ​​of fiber; industry chain downstream fiber, chemical and metal cable processing into different kinds of fiber optic cable . “Preform link” in the whole industry chain in the core of the preform manufacturing process basically determines the type of fiber performance, and technology is difficult, there is a higher technology, economies of scale, the scale of capital barriers in optical fiber and cable industry pricing initiative; drawing link “in the middle layer, barriers to entry moderate profit-sharing by upstream preform and downstream cabling links; into a cable link at the bottom, profit-sharing by upstream fiber prices and downstream of the direct impact of customer operators, as cable manufacturer bargaining power asymmetry, industry competition, profit levels tend to be suppressed to a minimum. The industrial division of labor and industry competition status also determines the allocation mechanism of interest within the industry, the industry profit distribution structure also exists a serious imbalance, which is industry recognized three aspects of the 7:2:1 pattern of distribution of profits.

3.Optical cable, optical fiber, light bar trend of demand and domestic supply situation

The demand for global fiber optic cable has come out of the trough in 2003, then began a continuous growth. Due to strong demand in North America, Europe and emerging markets in 2004, 2005, 2006, cabled fiber demand increased by 5%, 15%, 27%​​. One of the most rapidly growing Asia-Pacific region, especially China and Japan. The next two years, domestic demand for optical fiber and cable driven factors: 3G construction of the NGN network construction, the development of FTTH, they will bring a greater demand for fiber-optic cable is expected in the upcoming 2008 FTTH will start large-scale. At the same time, copper prices rose sharply, and also make the fiber optic cable replaced copper demand growth.

The Fiber Optic Cable Tester production determines the optical fiber demand, the need for greater fiber capacity to meet an annual production of fiber optic cable. Global communications market demand of single-mode fiber in 2006 was 112 million km, from 2006 to 2011, telecommunications single-mode fiber market demand analysis, the compound annual growth rate of about 9%.

In recent years, the technology of the optical fiber preform is the further development of China’s enterprises through technology and equipment as well as technical innovation, has made ​​some breakthroughs in the field of optical fiber preform production, which is reflected in the number of enterprises with production capacity of optical fiber preform to further increaseseven, from 2,000 years ago, a development about the technology used is also varied. The application of these technologies our companies have to produce products of varieties of optical fiber preform. Leader in the domestic commercial sales of optical fiber preform products, should be said that China’s optical fiber and cable industry made ​​a huge progress. However, enterprises in China capable of producing optical fiber preform, production efficiency, the scale of production and cost control with foreign enterprises, there are still a huge gap, which affects the overall market competitiveness of our production of optical fiber preform. Precisely because of this, so most of our fiber production enterprises have to buy the bar brushed. At present, China’s annual import volume of the optical fiber preform is still quite large, the statistics show that only 30% to 40% of the domestic market demand, domestic optical fiber preform, which to some extent, the optical fiber preform is still a weak link in China’s optical fiber and cable industry is a fact.

4, the optical fiber preform project of great significance in promoting the development of optical fiber and cable industry

After 30 years of hard work, along with the development of communications in China, China’s telecommunications optical fiber and cable industry has made ​​brilliant achievements. The strong support of our government and telecommunications operators, the independent innovation of China’s communication optical fiber and cable industry through a variety of ways to break the blockade of foreign technology, continue to grow and develop to become China’s telecommunications network construction and development of the forces that support the product throughout the country optical fiber transmission network, has made ​​an important contribution to the development of China’s telecommunications industry. Today, China’s optical fiber and cable companies to develop products not only be able to fully meet the development needs of the communication network construction in China, but also to participate in international competition to become the new force on the international market.


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