FS S3800-24T4S 24 Port Stackable Switch Introduction

For a wide range of home lab and SMB users, 1/10G Ethernet switch saves budget and plays a big role in network expansion. In this regard we have recommended various gigabit switches with 10GbE uplink, say S3800-24T4S managed 24 port switch with 4 x 10G SFP+ uplinks. Actually, S3800-24T4S also highlights stackable capability. So today let’s dive into S3800-24T4S gigabit 24 port stackable switch.

S3800-24T4S 24 port stackable switch

FS S3800-24T4S  24 Port Stackable Switch Overview

FS S3800-24T4S stackable 24 port switch is one of FS S3800 Series Ethernet switches. It is designed for class-carrier 1GE access and 10G uplink network, and dedicated to covering all kinds of enterprises and operator customers. This gigabit switch comes with 1 x console port, 24 x gigabit ports and 4 x 10G uplinks. Profit from 4 x 10G SFP+ ports, S3800-24T4S 24 port gigabit switches can be stacked together to work as a whole unit for cost-effective 10GE access or aggregation. Besides, it adopts high performance processor to achieve full wired speed forwarding and line-dormant capacity to coordinate with NGGN unified software. Table below lists the detail specifications of S3800-24T4S 24 port switch.

Switch Class Layer 2+ CPU ARM
Switch Capacity 128Gbps Switch Chip BCM53346
Forwarding Rate 95Mpps VLANs 4K
Power Supply 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz Flash Memory 16MB
Power Consumption ≤40W (Full-loaded) SDRM Memory 512MB
Highlights of S3800-24T4S 24 Port Stackable Switch

In addition to the above mentioned information, S3800-24T4S 24 port stackable switch also features other characteristics.

·Multiple Port Configuration

S3800-24T4S gigabit 24 port switch provides high port density with 24 x 10/100/1000base-T RJ45 copper ports and 4 x 10G SFP+ uplinks in a compact 1RU form factor (17.32’’ x 8.66’’ x 1.73’’). The port diversity allows one to directly connect it to a sever, to a 10G switch with uplink port for 10GbE network, or to stack up to four S3800-24T4S gigabit switches together to expand network bandwidth.

·Single or Dual Power Supply

It is noted that FS S3800-24T4S 24 port switch comes with two power versions: single power supply and dual power supply. The S3800-24T4S 24 port gigabit switch with two built-in power supplies provides redundant power supply in unexpected outage. Generally speaking, for L2+ Ethernet switches, single power completely can satisfy the need, and it won’t easily go dead. However, the dual power supply does play backup role in power failure, thus it is ideal for mission-critical applications.

·Good Ventilation and Indication Design

FS S3800-24T4S 24 port stackable switch is equipped with 2 x build-in cooling fans and plenty reserved vents, which facilitate air flow and system cooling. Also, 28 x LED indicators are laid in order to report the working status and display the “slot number” for rapid identification and problem resolution.

·Fully Managed Advanced Feature

As fully managed gigabit Ethernet switch, S3800-24T4S 24 port switch can be managed by both CLI command and web user interface. Moreover, for excellent hardware and software, the gigabit switch is perfectly matching applications of small networks. For instance, it supports various advanced functions, including CPU, QoS, DHCP, VLAN/VxLAN, BCM53346 Chip and etc.

How to Use S3800-24T4S 24 Port Stackable Switch?

As a  managed gigabit stackable switch, S3800-24T4S 24 port switch can be either used as standalone switch or a part of stacking system. This flexibility enables availability in various physical networks.

For expanding network capacity and simplifying management, stacking switches is very popular in data centers. A single S3800-24T4S stackable 24 port switch can provide 128Gbps switching capacity to your network. However, it will double the capacity to 256Gbps as 2 switches are stacked as a whole. In fact, S3800-24T4S gigabit Ethernet switch supports up to 4 switches stacked together, extending your network to a total switching capacity at 512Gbps. Also, operators can easily control all the stacked switches with the console port and add or remove a gigabit switch without affecting other switches in the stacking system.

To stack up S3800-24T4S 24 port switches with 10G SFP+ ports, you should connect them via SFP+ modules with fiber patch cable or via DAC or AOC directly. Here is a video presentation for S3800 Series 24 port switch stacking.


FS S3800-24T4S managed stackable 24 port gigabit switch with 4 x 10G SFP+ uplinks is an excellent solution to expand your network from 1G to 10G. Further more, with physical stacking technology, 4 S3800-24T4S 24 port stackable switches can be stacked as a whole system, which boosts your network to 512Gbps total capacity and simplifies management. Besides S3800-24T4S gigabit Ethernet switch, FS S3800 Series also include S3800-48T4S 48 port gigabit switch and S3800-24F4S fiber SFP gigabit 24 port switch.

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