3m Single mode MPO MTP Fiber Optic Cable 12 Fibers

The MPO/MTP trunk cable is designed for data center applications. It is divided into round cable and flat cable with an outer diameter of 3.0mm or 4.5mm. The connector where this cable is terminated is the so-called MPO connector. All MPO/MTP fiber optic patch cables are 100% optically tested for maximum performance. We have all lengths and connectors available.

3m MPO/MTP 9/125μm Single-mode Standard Trunk Cable 12 Fibers

MPO/MTP multi-fiber system is designed for reliable and quick operations in data centers, where the obvious benefits are less space requirements and improved scalability, which providing
significant space and cost savings.

FS offers various MTP/MPO products such as MPO/MTP cassettes, MPO/MTP modules, and patch panels. Our MPO fiber patch connectors utilize precision molded MT ferrules, with metal guide pins and precise housing dimensions to ensure fiber alignment when mating and are fully compliant with TIA/EI942, ISO/IEC 24764, and EN 50173-5, which are specific data center standards. The hybrid MPO fiber cables can be mass terminated in combinations of 24~144 fibers ribbon/bunch cables, and the connector includes FC, SC, ST, and LC, the cable polish UPC, and APC. Optional Lengths are available and provide a secure transition between MPO/MTP and LC/SC/FC/ST connections. Available in singlemode (9/125μm), multimode(50 or 62.5/125μm) and 10G fiber.

  • Easy connection and disconnection
  • Factory-finished MPO plugs
  • Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH)jacket
  • Push-on / Pull-off latching connector
  • Each MPO connector is polished according to the polished end-face quality specification standard.
  • Local Area Networks
  • Data Centers
  • Campus Networks
  • Storage Area Networks
Technical Details
  • Connector 1: MPO Female(No Pins)
  • Connector 2: MPO
  • Fibre types: OS2 9/125um
  • Fiber Polish: UPC
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Fiber Length: 3 meters
  • Cable Standard: 12-Fiber
  • Number of Fibres Per Cable: 12 Fibers(1 MPO/MTP connector on each side)
  • MPO Connector standard: IEC 61754-7 series
  • Fire rating: LSZH

The MPO patch cable is supplied protected in a plastic bag and packed in a carton box. Each cable has two identification labels, each containing: a barcode, part number, factory order number, cable lengths, and unique serial number.

Pre-terminated System Installation

To ensure the entire connection is in a unified condition, we need to first install the patch panel, cassette module, and related mounting hardware. Then, say the cables in the designed cable passage position, remove all the protection caps and wraps, connect MPO and to all the related MPO sockets, mount and secure the cables with cable ties, simple as that.

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