Common Types Of Fiber Optic Patch Cord

A patch cord (sometimes called a patch cable) is a length of cable with connectors on the ends that is used to connect an end device to something else, such as a power source. One of the most common uses is connecting a laptop, desktop or other end device to a wall outlet.

Generally, fiber optic patch cable consists of two parts: the fiber optic cable and the fiber optic connectors. fiber optic patch cables are named by the cables and the connectors together, for example, a LC to SC 3 meters single mode simplex APC types Fiber Optic Patch Cord, here the name LC and SC stand for the name of specified fiber optic connector, 3 meters is the whole cable length, single mode refer to the cable type, simplex means this cable is with one single core, APC is the polish type of the fiber optic connectors. fiber optic patch cables are important components used in the fiber optic communications network.

Fiber optic patch cables may be split into different types according to fiber cable mode, cable structure, connector types, connector polishing types and cable sizes. However nowadays we would like to introduce the normal kinds of fiber patch cable based on fiber connectors.

Most Common Forms of Fiber Patch Cables include:

SC Fiber Optic Patch Cord

SC fiber optic patch cable is one of the earliest type and something of the very most commonly used fiber optic cable, it is simple to use and value saving, SC fiber cable is widely used in fiber optic networks. SC fiber patch cable is by using zirconia sleeve and plastic housing. Oahu is the standard fiber optic cable assemblies, with simplex, duplex patch cords and standard pigtails. Fiberstore offer you different types of SC fiber patch cord, such as SC to SC fiber cable, single mode fiber SC to LC, ect.

The SC fiber optic patch cord was invented by the Japanese company NTT. It really is probably the most popular fiber optic patch cords. SC fiber optic patch cord features low priced, simplicity along with good durability, SC fiber optic patch cords is with a locking tab about the cable termination; it’s a push and pull type fiber optic connector.

ST Fiber Optic Patch Cord

ST fiber cable connector features bayonet-style housing along with a long spring-loaded ferrule support the fiber. They are available in multi-mode or single mode versions. Horizontally mounted simplex and duplex adapters are available with plastic or metal housing. It is the standard fiber optic cable assemblies, with simplex, duplex patch cords and standard pigtails.

ST fiber optic patch cords standard was created by AT&T. this sort of cable is with straight tip type terminations. There is only simplex ST fiber optic patch cord with no duplex ones. These days ST fiber optic connectors are generally having a metal housing ,nevertheless, there are plastic housing ST fiber connectors, more and more people often use metal housing ST. ST APC fiber optic patch cord are also available.

LC Fiber Optic Patch Cord

The LC fiber optic cable is by using a small form factor connector and is perfect for high density applications.LC fiber optic patch cord connector includes a zirconia ceramic ferrule measuring 1.25mm O.D. having a PC or APC endface, and provides optimum insertion and return loss. It is the standard fiber optic cable assemblies, with simplex, duplex patch cords and standard pigtails.

LC will be the short kind of Lucent Connector. LC fiber patch cord connector can be a push and latch structure, with plastic housing and accurate 1.25mm ceramic ferrule. LC type is a well-liked type of small form fiber optic patch cord which decreases the space and it’s also popular for densely installation.

FC Fiber Optic Patch Cord

FC fiber optic patch cords are with FC fiber optic connectors, the industry screw type connection. FC fiber optic patch cords were quite definitely popular previously, but people have a tendency to use LC and SC to switch FC more and more. It’s the standard fiber optic cable assemblies, with simplex, duplex patch cords and standard pigtails.

The FC fiber optic patch cable comes in both single mode and multimode versions, and it is fully intermateable with NTT-FC products. Both SMF and MMF versions FC fiber optic patch cord have a zirconia ceramic ferrule with pre-polished PC profile and convex spherical end.

MTRJ Fiber Optic Patch Cord

MTRJ fiber optic patch cables feature the plastic ferrule and duplex design. MTRJ fiber optic patch cables are female connector type and male connector types, the MTRJ is a born duplex connector that utilize precision molded MT ferrules pioneered by NTT, together with precision metal guide pins and precise housing dimensions to ensure fiber alignment when mating. MT-RJ fiber optic patch cords is reliable and simple to terminate.

To facilitate installation of our active fiber equipment we support a large selection of fiber optic patch cords. The always in stock fiber cables include optical connectors such as: SC, ST, LC and FC type, simplex and duplex. Our patch cords range from 0.5m to 10m and have almost all available combination of optical connectors. The most available lengths are 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, and 10m patch cords. All single-mode patch cords are UPC polished (Ultra Physical Contact), while the multi-mode cables are PC polished. All patch cords are manually tested and verified and each patch cable is individually sealed and labeled with measured optical performance.