Something About MPO MTP Fiber Cable

MPO/MTP stands for “Multiple-Fiber Push-On/Pull-off”. The purpose of MPO/MTP technology is that you can pull just one single cable with 8 (for example) fibers. So instead of patching 8 separate fiber cables, you only need to patch one cable with one connector. MPO/MTP Fiber Cable is used in various applications for all networking and device needs like 100 Gigabit modules.

MTP/MPO is usually used in ribbon fiber optic patch cords or ribbon fan-out multi-fiber assemblies. The ribbon fiber optic cables feature multi-fiberglass inside each single jacket, and MTP/MPO also multi a multi-fiberglass core inside each single connector. That is to say, there are several fiberglass connections in each single MTP/MPO fiber optic patch cord, for example, 4 fibers, 8 fibers, 12 fibers, etc. Typical MTP/MPO fiber optic patch cord assemblies like MTP/MPO to 8 LC, MTP/MPO to 12 SC, etc. MTP/MPO fiber optic patch cords are also available in single mode and multimode, like UPC and APC Polish.

MTP fiber optic patch cable has MTP fiber optic connectors which are upgraded versions of the former MPO. MTP has better mechanical and optic fiber performance compared with MPO. Both the MTP and MPO series cables are multi-fiber connectors. There are many fiber optic channels in each single connector. Because of such multi-fiber features, these connectors need to be used with multi-fiber cables, especially ribbon multi-fiber optic cables.

MTP and MPO cables are available in female-to-female or a male to male and male-to-female configurations. The male version has MTP pins. These can be made with 12-fiber MTP connectors, 24-fiber MTP connectors, and 48-fiber MTP connector variations. We use MTP fiber optic connectors for all of our MTP and MPO terminations so that the highest performance is accomplished. Many additional options and combinations are available. All multi-fiber optic cables are customizable.

To have a better understanding of MTP, I will introduce you to some MTP terminology as follows:

About MTP Trunks

The MTP Trunk cable is designed for Data Center Applications. This cable is a round cable with an outer diameter of 3,0 mm or 4,5 mm (with two jackets on both sides). The connector where this cable is terminated is the so-called MTP connector (female).

About MTP Fiber Optic Cassette
The MTP cassette is nothing more than a basic case that splits out MTP to SC/LC connectors, which is available for 12 SC/LC connectors and 24 connectors.

About MTP fanouts

MTP fanout cables are cables that are multiple cables that are bundled within the same jacket. This is also often referred to as a Breakout cable.

About Direct Splits (MTP to LC or MTP to SC cables)

MTP Direct Split cables are cables with the fanout made directly in the MTP connector. These are designed for high-density Data Center applications to plug into MTP cassettes and/or MTP patch panels.

FS provides many fiber optic products such as fiber patch cables, Armored Cables, Industrial Cables, and more. MPO/MTP fiber patch cables are available in UPC and APC finishes and support both multimode and single-mode applications. These fiber cables are tested with guaranteed quality, and they can be installed easily, which saves time and money.