Understand Variety of Fiber Optic Cables and Components Basic Knowledge

1. FTTH fiber cable

FTTH (Fiber To The Home), by definition is an optical fiber directly to the home. Specifically, FTTH refers to the optical network unit (ONU) installed in the home user or business user, in addition to the optical access family FTTD (fiber to the desktop) closest to the users outside the optical access network application type.

There are five main advantages of FTTH:

. It is passive network, from the central office to the user, the intermediate can be done basically passive;

. Its bandwidth is relatively wide, long-distance carriers fits the way large-scale application;

. Because it is hosted on the fiber business, and there is no problem;

. Because of its relatively wide bandwidth, support for the agreement is more flexible;

. As technology advances, including point to point, 1.25G and FTTH way have developed a relatively complete function.

2. Indoor fiber cable

Indoor optical fiber cables are classified according to cable using the environment, as opposed to a outdoor fiber optic cable.

Indoor cable is made up of optical fiber (optical transmission medium) through a certain process and the formation of the cable. It is Mainly composed of optical fiber glass(glass as thin as a hair) and plastic protective sleeve and plastic sheath structure, fiber optic cable is not gold, silver, copper and aluminum and other metals usually no recovery value.

Indoor fiber optic cable is a certain amount of composition according to certain way cable heart, outsourcing jacket, and some also cover the outer sheath for optical signal transmission to achieve a communication line.

The tensile strength of the small indoor fiber optic cable, a protective layer is poor, but also more lightweight and economical. Indoor cable mainly used in building wiring, and connections
between network devices.

3. Outdoor fiber optic cable

Outdoor fiber optic cable, used for outdoor optical cable. As opposed to a indoor optical fiber cable.

Outdoor cable is one of the optical transmission line. Consists of a certain number of optical fiber according to certain way cable, outsourcing has a sheath, some still coated outer sheath.

Outdoor fiber optic cable consists of an optical fiber glass (glass as thin as a hair) and plastic to protect casing and plastic coating, fiber optic cable is no gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metal, there is no recycling value.

Outdoor fiber optic cable tensile strength greater than the thick protective layer, and is usually sheathed (i.e metal leather wrapped). Outdoor cables is mainly applied to buildings, and between the interconnection between remote networks.

4. Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Fiber optic patch cord used to make the link from the device to the jumper cables fiber optic cabling. Fiber jumper has a thicker layer of protection, commonly used in the connection between the optical and terminal box. The commonly used fiber optic jumper include: ST, LC, FC, SC type.

Main categories:

Single-mode fiber jumper (Single-mode Fiber): Average single-mode fiber jumper with yellow connector and protective sleeve blue; transmission distance is longer.

Multimode fiber jumper (Multi-modeFiber): General multimode fiber jumper in orange, and some in gray, fittings and protection applied beige or black; transmission distance is shorter.

5. Optical Fiber Coupler

Fiber coupler also known as fiber adapter, fiber coupler for connecting fiber optic connectors, couplers. According to fiber optic connector head selection models. According to the connection head structure can be divided into: FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO, MU, SMA, DDI, DIN4, D4, E2000 various froms.

6. Optical fiber terminal box

Optical cable terminal box (also known as fiber optic terminal box or cable box) is a small core fiber optic cable to connect with the terminal equipment, mainly used for cable ends fixed, cable and fiber pigtail splice and I containment and protection.

7. Fiber Fusion Splicer

Two fiber optic cable connection, fiber optic cable should butt up inside the fiber because fiber is like glass, must be refused on the two dedicated connectors, connector card and then put together, so that the optical signal can be passed.

Light in the optical fiber transmission loss can be created, the loss is mainly consist of optical fiber transmission loss and loss of fiber of welding joint. Fiber cable once order, the basic purpose of optical fiber transmission loss but also determined that the loss of fiber of welding joint is related to fiber itself and site construction. Efforts to reduce the loss of fiber of welding joint, can increase the fiber optic repeater amplification and transmission distance attenuation of optical fiber link margin.

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