How to Add PoE to Your Network?

In data centres, there are a lot of electrical devices and each one requires a power supply cable and at least one connection wire for transmission. It’s a disaster to see all those wires scattering all over the floor and tangling together. To introduce Power over Ethernet technology, we can cut down the number of wire drops and simplify the management control. So what are the practical methods for adding PoE to your network? Read the following passage, to learn about the two solutions: adopting PoE switch or PoE media converter.

Overview of PoE Implement Method

PoE requires PoE-enabled networking devices for power supply on the Ethernet cable. To realise this technology, there are two types of power sourcing equipment (PSE) for adoption: endspan (IEEE 802.3af refers to it as “endpoint”) and midspan. Endspan is an Ethernet switch that has built-in PoE data transmission circuitry. A midspan is an intermediary device between a non-PoE switch and powered devices (PD). Thereinto PoE injector is a frequently used available external midspan device.

Adding PoE by PoE Switch (Endspan)

When you need to set up a new Ethernet network with power over Ethernet technology or you want to upgrade the system and replace older non-PoE switches, employing Endspan is a good choice. How to add PoE to your network by PoE switch? Just connect it to other network devices, and the switch itself will figure out whether they are PoE-supportable devices and control power automatically. There are various types of PoE switches available, ranging from “dumb” unmanaged ones, smart partly managed ones and fully managed ones with advanced management. It also varies from port quantity, such as 8, 16, 24 and 48 ports.

It is noted that the PoE+ switch is a PoE plus switch for providing up to 30W power consumption. For example, the FS S3150-8T2FP 8 port PoE switch is a managed PoE+ switch with 2 SFP ports, IEEE 802.3at complied and IEEE 802.3af backwards compatible. It has a maximum power supply of 130W and a switching capacity of 20Gbps. FS S3150-8T2FP supports various PoE devices and is the best fit for network equipment such as wireless APs, IP phones and IP cameras.

Adding PoE by PoE Media Converter (Midspan)

If you don’t want to discard your already used network switch and only PoE capability is needed to be added, you can simply adopt midspans. A PoE media converter is a device that can add electrical power while receiving a signal from one end of the cable, and then deliver both the data signal and the power via the other end of the cable. Instead of a PoE switch, a media converter can also be used as an economical and functional solution where only a few PoE ports are in demand. How to add PoE to your existing LAN by PoE media converter? First, power on the PoE media converter and non-PoE Ethernet switch respectively, and next, connect them via an Ethernet cable. Then connect PDs such as IP phones with a PoE media converter and finally, the system can run as a whole.

In the case of older end devices that are not PoE-ready, a splitter can help add PoE to your network. To apply a splitter onto the end of the Ethernet cable will enable signal and power to be split into two different lines.

PoE switch vs PoE injector installation

This figure shows the installation of the PoE switch vs the PoE media converter for adding PoE to the network.

PoE Switch or PoE Media Converter: Which to Employ?

After diving into each respectively, we made a comparison of the PoE switch vs the PoE media converter concerning adding PoE to the network.

PoE Switch PoE Media Converter
Price Higher Cost Economical
Management and Control Easy for management (power and transmission) Requiring separate two wires for powering on the switch and PoE media converter
Implement Method Upgrade to PoE network by replacing the old Ethernet switch with PoE switch install l PoE media converter to add PoE capability to the existing non-PoE switch
Emergency Reaction Potential chance of the whole system’s outrageously y one device be affected

For most concerns about cost-efficiency and PoE capability required, you can go for a PoE media converter. However, for upgrading the system and future-proofing superior functionality concerns, the PoE switch is a better choice.


Both the PoE switch and PoE media converter are power-sourcing equipment for adding PoE to a network. PoE switch is an endspan, naturally fitting for a new set-up or upgrade-needed network. PoE media converter is a midspan, better fitting for existing non-PoE networks without switch replacement requirement. For PoE switch purchases, FS is a reliable vendor providing a wide range of types for different demands. For any other information to know, just visit our official website and blog.

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