How To Identify Fiber Optic Cable

Accompanied by the continuous advancement of network technology, fiber optic cable products constantly in the construction of telecommunications networks, the construction of the national information highway, FTTH fiber to the desktop and other occasions for large-scale use. But how to really get a good performance, state-of-the-art products, need to understand some basic to identify means and methods. This article from the standard, physical, and product, on site test and application on the product’s performance and configuration, material and structure of the product, international norms and standards of production, etc some identification method is introduced, for reference.

1. View manufacturer qualification and corporate background. Mainly to see whether large manufacturers brand, whether it is commutted to the development and production of fiber optic cable products, whether there are many successful cases, you have the ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO4001 international environment system certification, and meets the ROHS directive, whether the relevant national and international instiutions certification. Such as the Ministry of information industry, Theil, UL certification and certification.

2. View the product packaging. Fiber optic cable supplier standard disk long, typically 1km, 2km, 3km, 4km custom length specifications allow positive and negative deviations, deviation range can refer to the manufacturers factory standards. View the cable outer sheath, and a clear sign of whether the meter number, name and fiber type. In general, factory-optic cable around the sturdy wooden tray, and wooden seal plate protection, fiber optic cable is sealed at both ends, the cable tray following flags: the product name, specifications, plate number, length, net/gross weight, date, A/B-side signs; View cable test records, the normal two copies, one with the cable tray in wood plate side, the open wooden tray cable can be seen, a fixed wooden tray outside.

3. Check the cable jacket. Indoor cable sheath generally use poly green vinyl, or flame retardant polyethylene green vinyl, or LSZH material. Quality looks smooth and bright, feel good. Has good flexibility, easy to peel. The poor quality of the cable jacket finish is not good, peeling, skin prone and the inside of the sleeve, kevlar adhesions, but also pay attention to some products using a sponge instead of Kevlar material. Should be made of high quality black polyethylene PE sheath outdoor fiber optic cable, a cable jacket smooth and bright, uniform thickness, no small bubbles. Feel bad, the poor quality of the cable jacket and the outer skin is not smooth, and some print easily rubbed. Due to material reasons, some cable jacket the dense tidal easy penetration.

4. View strengthened with wire. Many outdoor structure cable, generally contain wire for reinforcement. In accordance with the technical requirements and production requirements, outdoor fiber optic cable in the wire after phosphate treatment, the surface of the gray, cabling does not increase the hydrogen loss, no rust, high strength. However, some fiber optic cable wire and aluminum wire instead of white metal appearance bending performance. Simple method also can be used to identify, such as the cable split open taking a dip in the water one day, out to compare immediately betrays itself. As the saying goes: True gold fears no fire to burn. At that times i have to say phosphorus steel is not afraid of the water to soak.

5. View longitudinal the bandage lines of steel armor steel strip. The formal sided brushing rust paint manufacturers generally use the vertical the dressing pattern steel strip, and ring package connector is good, relatively strong and rigorous. But we also found that some fiber optic cable on the market using ordinary tin as the armor belt, usually only one side of the anti-rust treatment, as well as see the vertical bandage pattern strip thickness apparent inconsistency.

6. View loose tube. Regular manufacturers generally use the PBT material to put in a loose tube fiber core making, this material is characterized by high strength, no deformation, anti-aging. Some products do loose tube PVC material, this material intensity difference can pinch flat, easy to aging. Especially some GYXTW structure of the fiber optic cable, with open cable strip the cable jacket, pulling force, PVC material loose tube deformation, and even some with armored skin shedding, more enen fiber core with pull off.

7. View Fiber Pastes. Outdoor cable Fiber Pastes charge on the loose tube inside, can prevent water directly and contact the fiber core. To know that once the water vapor, moisture from entering it will seriously affect the life of the optical fiber. The relevant national regulations on the specific requirements of the fiber optic cable water blocking. Cables paste in order to reduce costs, some of the cable used is relatively small. So be sure to see the pastes is full of fiber.

8. View the fiber core. Fiber core is really the core of the fiber optic cable, the number of points on interviews are the core in order to protect the transmission. It is also a without the aid of the most difficult to identify the part of the instrument. Neither to identify with your eyes it is a single-mode or multi-mode; unidentifiable is 50/125 or 62.5/125; You can not to identify it is OM1, OM2, OM3 or zero water peak, and not to say that it Gigabit Ethernet application. Suggest that the best quality core of regular large cable manufacturer. Said indeed, some small plants due to their own lack of necessary testing equipment, not the core of the fiber rigorous testing. As a user, you do not even take the risk to buy a. The construction applications often touch often enough bandwidth, transmission distance can not be calibrated value, uneven thickness, weld not easy docking, fiber to the lack of flexibility, easily broken disk fiber to the number and the quality of the fiber core.

More than talk about the basic means and methods of identification of the fiber optic cable products are some of the voice of experience. In short I hope to users of our cable products, a correct understanding the class of fiber optic cable products, check cable products factory data, pay attention to check the product structure and material, the use of appropriate means of identification, rational knowledge of fiber optic cable price and performance quality to do the class of a fiber optic cable rational consumer products.

Source: FiberStore