Integrated Cabling Fiber Optic Cable Line Installation

Because, this period of communication network household cable lines, part of the outdoor, part of indoors, requirements and their way of laying optical fiber cables new requirements. These places the fiber capacity requirements will continue to grow, but still rules to follow, everything will depend on the needs of users. To have potential demand forecast puts the fiber optic cable, obviously will produce waste and the backlog of funds.

The same time, this section of optical fiber cable line communication network home will have to go through the route, may have stereotypes of the park, in this re-construction of large-scale
communication pipeline would be difficult, a large number of aerial installation will not only destroy the beautiful landscape, the line is not safe.

To resolve these needs problem, has to adapt to the new way of laying the products come out.

At present, domestic and foreign new fiber optic cable laying methods are mainly three categories: the first is Air blow installed micro-optic cable or optical fiber bundles, fiber unit blowing into the pre-laying micro tube; second is open on the cement pavement slot, micro cable laying on the road tank; the third is use of non-communication pipe installation cable.

Air blow installation with cable

Air blow laying methods using compressed air high-speed air micro-cable blown into the pipe specified. A blower the laying methods with a variety of superoprity. High-speed airflow, mini-cables in suspension in the pipeline, so the terrain changes and pipe bending the cable; improve fiber packing density can take advantage of the tubes and micro cable, save pipeline resources;

The eary simply laying the appropriate capacity fiber optic cable, after expansion in phases according to the development needs of a fiber optic sub-tubes blown into the main pipe has been built in batches, saving the initial launch, to avoid a large number of fiber idle; fiber optic cable can be increased at any time based on business needs branch, Y-fiber optic connector to reduce fiber optic cable connector.

Blowing installed with fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable is cloth on the sub-pipe systems and micro-pipeline designed. Sealed miniature fiber optic cable and indoor and outdoor non-metallic dual-use micro-optic cable.

Sealed miniature fiber optic cable

It uses fiber loose tube stainless steel tube structure, in addition to the general characteristics of a miniature cable diameter is small, light weight, but also has excellent high temperature properties and lateral pressure resistance. Stainless steel tube using laser welded stainless steel band, fiber and fiber paste it sealed inside, accurate excess length control technology to ensure the use of fiber optic cable in a complex environment.

And stainless steel pipe with excellent moisture resistance and physical rodent control, termite performance and acid resistance, fiber can give the best protection, to minimize the damage to fiber optic cable blowing mounting seal micro-optic cable.

Indoor and outdoor dual-use non-metallic fiber optic cable

Fiber optic cable terminal and maintenance and overhaul mostly be located in the street, the center room of the district, inside buildings or communications equipment. These places there are fire safety, must comply with special needs: self-extinguishing cable products, non-smoking, non-metallic dual-use, indoor and outdoor fiber optic cable, LSOH material mostly used.

Pavement micro-groove fiber optic cable

Pavement micro-groove fiber optic cable and air-blown fiber optic cable has a similar structure, but also a small cable diameter, the weight light fiber optic cable, and low cost, easy laying, laying flexible, simple and efficient. China’s development of a stainless steel loose tube technology-based pavement micro-groove fiber optic cable, fiber count up to 48 cores, outer diameter less than 6.0mm cable weight less than 60kg/km.

Wherein, stainless steel tube, both the protective tube of the optical fiber loose tube, able to provide the appropriate fiber excess length of fiber optic cable gland for completely isolated from the outside moisture from entering the casing, but also a reinforcing member of the fiber optic cable, by selecting the appropriate pipe cross-sectionalto ensure that the tensile properties of the fiber optic cable and flattening performance. Stainless steel tube filled with a thixotropic water blocking compound to ensure that the cable complies the seepage performance requirements, steel pipe is extruded polyethylene sheath.

Road microchannel cable laying only need to open a narrow slot in the road, covered with a layer of sand at the bottom, a buffer layer of foam rods and other material laid on the sand, then the fiber optic cable buried in the tank, and then the cableholes and a layer buffer layer, and finally fill in the cement or bitumen according to road conditions, restore the original road can be.

In the gardens, lawns, slotting in the garden or lawn, then sets of fiber optic cable with PVC pipe shop in the above, and then backfill can restore the surface. Pavement micro-groove fiber optic cable is very simple solution to the problem of the construction and deployment of FTTH across the concrete floor, indoor and outdoor garden lawn terrain.

Drainage Pipeline laying fiber optic cable

At present, China has developed and widely used in a stainless steel loose tube technology, rainwater pipes using the layer stranded wire for reinforcement member mini-cables, fiber core up to 48 cores, outside diameter less than 9.6mm, cable weight of less than 190kg/ km.

Stainless steel pipe in the fiber optic cable is both loose tube fiber protection tube, fiber optic cable gland, in the sewer environment can be completely cut off from the outside water and moisture from entering the casing. Steel casing to faciliate the provision of sufficient and stable fiber excess length, which is particularly important to ensure the fiber life of the self-supporting fiber optic cable attenuation temperature characteristics. Stainless steel tube filled with a thixotropic water blocking compound to ensure that the requirements of the cable complies seepage performance.

This drainage pipeline the laying of fiber optic cable, with the urban underground drainage pipeline to laying fiber optic cable. Installed drain pipe in the wall of the manhole placement of the fixed metal member, rainwater pipes on both ends of the cable surface with stainless steel hanging gold, the gold with a lock in the borehole will then be hanging on the fixing metal member, so that the cable tensioner, sag decreases, the suspension was self-supporting.

Cable laying on the drainage pipeline on the wall, in essence, the ends of the pipes in the manhole self-supporting, hanging, thus requiring Simple structure, light weight, small diameter cable, container density, and has a largetensile strength and flexibility characteristics.

In addition, the cable laying on the drainage channel environment, but also requires moisture resistance and good corrosion resistance, and has some rodent resistance ability.