Optical Module Will Be Shine In The Field of Data Communications

With the current amount of data has been too large to be collected, stored, managed and analyzed using traditional tools, the era of big data is coming. To meet the challenges of big data, cloud computing network technology application virtualization technology is the inevitable trend of development, cloud computing and data center network cabling system to build, then adapted to the era of big data network infrastructure requirements. Faced with massive data storage and data processing, and data centers in order to improve the efficiency of resource use computing power and data analysis, the extensive use of virtualization, cloud computing power and data analysis, the extensive use of virtualization, cloud computing technologies, including server virtualization, network virtualization technology and storage virtualization technology etc.

The network is the foundation of all the data flow, closely related to the development of large data generation and network technology. Accordingly, the large data transfer rate is closely related to the network, and therefore a higher demands of the optical module. In general, the core layer using 40G/100G, access layer with the method of 10G basic has become the direction of the network upgrade.

Take a look at the sales volume of 10G optical transceivers. Although 100G and 40G sals growth is more attention, but 10G optical transceiver sales still set a new record in 2013. 10G optical
transceiver demand is very strong at short distances, which pushed up overall in 2013 the 10G module shipments will exceed 10 million, up 40% from last year. This will also be a short distance 10G module shipments 1G short distance beyond the first year, the data show that the 10G connector will have a larger market share.

There are many factors encourage the growth of 100G and 40G, the Ethernet transceiver market growth prompted 40G and 100G growth in shipments. However, due to the rapid decline in FTTx market, in 2013 the optical transceiver market as a whole will be flat. Many manufacturers have said the 2013 report of EPON and GPON ONU a significant reduction in volume, although sales remained stable OLT. Global optical transceiver market, including 10G, 40G and 100G transceiver, 2012 increaded 10% to $1.63 billion.

Optical module growth space is large especially the data communication field

2013 data communications optical components and modules for sales growth of 20%, and in 2012 was 16%. But the telecom optical components and modules market is still sleeping, in 2012 and 2013 grew by only 3%. For the upcoming 2014, the telecommunications market is likely to be better.

40G optical transceiver sales in 2013 increased by more than three times, mainly like Google has a large data center for its large demand. 100G DWDM transponder current price is 30 times 10G DWDM transceiver. However, 100G wide area, and some are laying metro network applications, because it can create additional value for network operators. WAN, 100G maximize the transmission capacity of optical fiber has been deployed, and in the next 10 years, it will not become obsolete. A core router 100G port can be connected with 10 different 10G ports. This is 100G optical device to another value of core network.

And we have learned, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other multinational companies, have their own cloud data centers, coupled with governments agencies also commissioned by the network operator to build a public cloud centers, etc., the future applications in the data center business opportunities in the field of the cloud is still in the growth, therefore, in the next few years optical transceiver module, AOC and other products are growing space.

Cisco has also stepped up its efforts in building the data center. Cisco continued to increase in recent years of data construction, revenue accounting for its data center products increased year by year the proportion of revenue, below shows the Cisco 2011 to the first quarter of 2013 accounted for a quarter of data revenue from product revenue proportion charts. In addition, in June this year Composite cisco’s $180 million acquisition of the data processing companies, also shows that the emphasis on data center.

Data center optical module, the device corresponding to the high demands, it is understood, the China manufacturers are already some devices, such as cooperation with Baidu supply module with a data center. One of the requirements of the data center optical devices are high-speed, server interfaces are from 1G to 10G, and aggregation switches from 10G to 40G/100G; Second, the cost is low, because the data center requires a lot of applications; third requirement is also lower power consumption, because the power consumption is very large data centers. Therefore, the device should adapt to the data provider development needs of server interfaces and aggregation switches to upgrade and evolution; improve production efficiency to reduce costs and reduce power consumption components.

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