The Meaning of The Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Fiber is divided into two categories:

Single mode fiber: General optical fiber jumper in yellow, connector and protective sleeve in blue; transmission distance is longer.

Multimode fiber: General optical patch cord in orange, and some in gray, fittings and protection applied beige or black; transmission distance is shorter.

Fiber Optic Connector Type:

There are many types of fiber jumpers, according to connector shape can be divided into: FC, SC, ST, LC fiber cable, etc.; can be divided according to the type of ferrule: PC, UPC, APC, etc.; according to type can be divided into single mode optical fiber, 50 / 125 Multimode, 62.5/125 multimode, polarization, etc.; based on fiber diameter can be divided into: 900μm, 2mm, 3mm and so on.


Fiber access products are widely applied to: communications room, fiber to the home, local area networks, fiber optic sensors, fiber optic communication systems, fiber optic transmission equipment connected, defense readiness, etc.

Uses and Features:

A variety of high quality fiber optic patch cords and pigtails broadband for cable television, telecommunications networks, computer networks and optical fiber test equipment.

Fiber optic patch cords and pigtails fiber counts and physical structure according to customer special requirements. High return loss and low insertion loss. Using high precision ceramic ferrule. Precision ground and fully testing.

Optical Fiber Using Precautions:

Both ends of the optical fiber jumper wavelength transceiver module must be consistent, that must be the same at both ends of fiber optic wavelength optical module, a simple distinction is consistent with the color of the optical module. Under normal circumstances, short-wave optical module using multimode fiber (orange fiber), long wavelength single-mode fiber module (yellow fibers), in order to ensure data accuracy. Do not use excessive fiber in bending and circling, this will increase the attenuation of light in the transmission process.

Fiber Optic Patch Cord Features

. Low insertion loss

. Good repeatability

. Large return loss

. Mutual Insert performance

. Good temperature stability

In optical fiber access process, fiber jumpers plays a huge role, for example:

. Optical fiber communication system

. Optical access network

. Optical fiber data transmission

. Optical fiber CATV

. Local Area Network (LAN)

. Test equipment

. Optical fiber sensor

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