Fiber Transmission Communication Network – Optical Terminal Box

Optical Fiber Termination Box in short OTB, optical terminal box is mainly used for the cable ends fixed, cable and pigtail splice and the remainder fiber asylum and protection. The communication network of fiber optic transmission optical cable terminal box series terminal wiring of auxiliary equipment, suitable for indoor fiber optic cable directly and branching connection of the fiber optic connector play a protective role.

The Material Performance

Optical cable terminal box where the parts are made of materials should have anti-corrosion properties, such as corrosion resistance should be treated with preservatives; Its physical and chemical properties must be stable; must be compatible between the various materials.

And sheath compatible with the cable jacket and wiring pigtail. In order to prevent corrosion and other electrical damage, these materials must also be compatible with other commonly used materials in the device.

Appearance of cable terminal box should be completer shape, no glitches, no bubbles, no cracks and voids, meta-warping element impurities and other defects. All background color shold be uniform and continuous. Beautiful appearance, convenient construction connecting additional attenuation reasonable structure, the fiber to strengthen the core fixed in the terminal box, cable metal outer sheath connected ground wire leads function applies to both the ribbon cable and fiber optic cable. Unique design, the terminal box on the 19-inch, wall-mounted terminal box.

Cable terminal box of the optical properties of the remaining fiber is coiled in the set fibers and optical fiber and fiber optic connectors, fiber optic terminal box installation of the operating additional attenuation.

Mechanical properties after the following tests, the cable terminal box box body and box should change, if necessary, for the fiber-ray examination.

1.Stretch: cable terminal box with a fiber optic cable should be able to withstand the axial tensile strength of not less than 500N, with either a wiring pigtail can withstand axial tensile strength of not less than 5N.
2. Flattening: The cable terminal box on each side of the box body should be able to withstand the vertical static pressure of not less than 200N.
3. Torsion: cable terminal box should be able to withstand the torsion angle.

Electrical performance

1. Insulation resistance: Cable connector box of metal components and optical metal reinforcing core fiber optic cable between the metal components, the insulation resistance between the cable metal parts and ground should not be less than 2 * 104MΩ [test voltage of 500V (DC).

2. Dielectric strength: cable terminal box with cable metal strengthening core fiber optic cable between the metal components, cable metal structures between the role of 15KV DC 1min, no breakdown, no flashover.

Optical Performance

The remaining fiber cable terminal box is coiled within the splice tray fiber and fiber optic connectors, cable terminal box installation of the operating there should be no additional attenuation.


The splice closure is two pieces of fiber optic cable connection. The terminal box is the tip of the cable access, and then through the patch cord access optical switch. Therefore, the terminal box is usually installed in the 19-inch rack can accommodate fiber optic cable ends quantity more. The splice closure is two pieces of fiber optic cable connection. Terminal box is connected to the fiber optic cable with pigtail play a protective role. Indoor terminal box can be used for practical work with but very little splice closure when the terminal box uses not the same. 1. the transfer box can be divided into the cable transfer box and cable boxes. Their role in the user front-end wiring use. 2. Breakout boxes generally refers to the splice box, also known as fiber optic splice closure in some places, especially radio and television system, also known as optical splice pack, its role is to protect the cable connector does not damage by the outside world. Patch panel fiber optic patch panels and cable distribution frame, the role like the transfer case, but it is used in the engine room of the operators.


Optical cable terminal box as a carrier of information transmission, fiber optic hardware as an information transmission medium, has become an important pillar of modern communication. optical cable terminal box technology from theory to the field of engineering technology experienced a few decades, to the realization of today’s high-speed fiber-optic communications, before and after the birth of the fiber-optic communications technology and in-depth development of information and communication in the history of an important reform.

Optical cable terminal box is widely used in telephone, if farmers network systems, data, image transmission system, CATV cable TV series for indoor fiber optic cable through power connection and branch connection, play a pigtail disc storage and protection of joint role, made of cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray, design, reasonable structure, appearance before a large fiber to strengthen the core fixed in the terminal.