The Development and Application of MPO/MPT Multi Core Fiber Connector

MPO / MTP high density fiber optic connection system currently used mainly for three pre areas: Application of high-density data center environments,application of fiber to the building, application of internal connections in the splitter, 40G, 100G SFP, SFP + optical transceiver equipment, etc. This article highlights why the data center use MPO / MTP high density fiber optic cables connection system and how choose these high-density fiber optic connection system.

In communications, data transmission field, the development of fiber optic connectors is more prolific than copper connectors. According to incomplete statistics, so far, fiber optic connectors developed hundreds of different kinds, but only a dozen can widely use. Fiber optic connector has two distinct stages of development. The first stage, to save space, develop to miniaturization, the fiber optic connector is from traditional FC, ST, SC connectors to LC,MTRJ.

sc fiber patch

sc fiber patch

The second stage, it is not only to save space, but also to meet the requirements for use of multi-core, fiber optic connectors evolved from LC, MTRJ, E2000 to MU, MTP/MPO, now an MTP / MPO connectors can meet the 2 core, 4 core, 8 cores, 12 cores, 24 cores, up to 72 core requirements.

Fiber optic  patch cord

Fiber optic patch cord

It is the last few years that MPO MTP Fiber pre-connected system use in the data center. Why not the MPO / MTP pre-connected systems widely used? First, data center space is never enough. To solve the shortage sapce can increase the space or improve the utilization of space. It is unrealistic in a designed data center, Improvement of space utilization is to increase density. As the two major data center cabling system: copper, fiber optic cable. Copper system can use high density, but this high density is limited to space-saving. It is not only satisfy the high frequency, but also to find a balance between the larger line through. So in the same space to get more bandwidth, using optical transmission is an inevitable choice, but this does not mean necessarily require high-density fiber optic connection system.

Secondly, the result of network speed and improvement, in terms of fiber optic, core fiber can support the application of 100MB, 1000MB, and 10000MB. More than 200 experts fiberstore working group launched application to support this standard. The following chart we can see a single channel or 4-core 10-core optical fiber, normal 40G and 100G fiber optic network communications are 8-core and 20-core optical fiber. This challenges to traditional dual-core optical fiber transmission, it requires to use a high-density multi core optical fiber.

Fiber optic cabling

Fiber optic cabling

How do guarantee the performance pre-connected high-density MTP/MPO fiber optic system products in the factory? What is differet from common fiber optic cables?

First the commany must meet the ISO9000 series of quality management system certification, and production process and product performance also meet certification standards of the most comprehensive and the most stringent of fiber optic connector assembly production. Now many factory can produce fiber optic cables.

For another, understand the MPO MTP Fiber system products, whether polarity module or truck fiber cable, whether fiber optic harness or MPO Fiber cable is more complex than SC and LC fiber.

At last, this article discusses the reason of using MPO / MTP high density fiber optic connection system, and give some adive to this new system, fiberstore hope it is helpful to the user of data center and the same occupation.