The Instructions of Armored Fiber Jumpers

The Classification of Fiber

By transmission method, fiber optic cables mainy are divided into two categories,they are single mode fiber and multimode fiber. Armored fiber optic jumpers in blue is Single Mode Fiber Cable, the transmission distance is long. Armored fiber optic jumpers in blue is Multimode fiber optic calbe,the transmission distance is short.

Armored fiber optic jumper connection

All fiber ports are two switches, which are pitch-catch, armored Fiber Optic Cables must be two. When the switch cascade through the fiber port, you must reversed the both ends of armored fiber optic transceivers, when the end of the “receive”, the other end “send”. Similarly, when a termination “send”, the other end “receive”.

The types of armored fiber optic jumpers and fiber port

Armored Fiber Jumper are devided into single mode fiber and multimode fiber. Fiber port switches, fiber optic calbe must be consistent with the used cabling, that is if cabling uses multimode fiber optic cable,the fiber interface switches must perform 1000Base-SX standards, must also use the multi mode armored fiber jumpers; If you are using single mode fiber cabling, then the optical interface switches must perform 1000Base-LX/LH standards, must also use singlemode armored fiber jumpers.

multimode armored fiber

It should be noted that there are two types of multimode fiber, that is,62.5/125μm and 50/125μm. Although fiber optic switch ports are identical, and both are also executive 1000Base-SX standard, but armored core diameter fiber jumpers must be identical to the diameter of the cable core, otherwise, would lead to connectivity problems.

In addition, the type of interconnected fiber ports must be identical, or both multimode fiber ports, or both single-mode fiber port. One end is a multi-mode fiber ports, while the other end is a single-mode fiber ports, it will not be connected together.

Armored Fiber Jumper Precautions

The wavelength of light armored transceiver modules at both ends of the fiber jumpers must be identical , that must be the same at both ends of the fiber wavelength optical module, a simple distinction is the color of the light module to be consistent.Generally, the short optical module uses multimode fiber; long wavelength uses multimode fiber module to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.When using optical fiber, do not bend over and circling, this will increase the light attenuation in the transmission process.After using armored fiber optic jumpers, must use protective sleeve protected fiber optic connector, dust and oil will damage the fiber coupling.

SFP: Small Form Factor Pluggable
SFF: Small Form Factor
XFP: 10 Gigabit Small Form Factor Pluggable
MU: Miniature Unit
LC: Lucent Connector
SC: Subscriber Connector
FC: Fiber Connector
MTRJ: ‘MT’ ferrule, Register Jack latch
ST: Straight Tip