EMCORE Added Medallion 8000 to Its 1550nm CATV Fiber Optic Transmitter Porfolio

The leader of compound semiconductor-based components and subsystems for the fiber optics and space solar power markets added the Medallion 8000 to its 1550nm Directly-Modulated DWDM CATV transmitter.

This new design of the EMCORE’s 1550nm CATV fiber transmitter serve for the applications which require both CATVE and Satellite-Intermediate Frequency (SAT-IF) singles to be transmitted over fiber lengths up to 30km. This dual-use capability of the transmitter supports network architecture which requires a single transmitter to carry multiple signals, while lowering costs, system complexity and rack space requirements.
The Mediallion 8000 supports 79-channel NTSC analog signals and/or a combination of QAM and SAT-IF signals with a reduced number of CATV analogy channels. It supports four fixed fiber length options – 0-10km, 5-15km, 10-20km, and 15-25km – with a maximum of 18 Dbm stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS) suppression. This product is also available with a selectable fiber length option.
The selectable fiber length option allows the user to set the Medallion 8000 for best optimized CSO (Composite Second Order) distortions at any fiber length from 0-30km in 1km increments and has a maximum SBS suppression of 20dBm.
The Medallion 8000 family of transmitter products is designed to support various CATV transmitter applications with a common platform. 75 ohm CATV RF video input supports frequencies up to 1002 MHz. Other design features include low chirp control. Noise suppression circuitry, and patented pre-distortion technology for high performance with EMCORE’s range of cooled broadband directly modulated lasers. A second 75-ohm RF input supports frequencies up to 2700 Mhz for fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP), SAT-IF, and wireless applications.
Monitoring and configuration of the Medallion 8000 are supported by EMCORE’s latest generation web GUI, Telnet, and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) software via a front-panel display, RS-232 port, and Ethernet port. The Medallion platform is mechanically designed for flexibility and space efficiency including universal rack-mount features, modular front panel design for private label convenience, and optional front and rear port placement. Dual-redundant field-replaceable fans and power supplies are standard.
“The new Medallion 8000 directly modulated transmitter family builds on the strengths of our popular Medallion 6000 externally modulated series and augments our offering for concurrent transmission of CATV and SAT-IF signals over fiber,” said Jaime Reloj, vice president of business development for EMCORE. “Network providers are demanding high-quality, economical delivery of video to their customers, while extending capacity and improving network management intelligence. The Medallion 8000 series transmitters are ideal for extending traditional hybrid fiber coaxial CATV systems, for RF overlay for FTTP, and for RFoG (RF over glass) projects in countries around the world.”
Published by FiberStore, industry news – www.fs.com