Sumitomo FC-6S Precision Fiber Cleaver

Before introduce Sumitomo FC-6S fiber cleaver, let’s talk about what is optical fiber cleaving? Simply put, optical fiber cleaving is the art of cutting glass optical fibers at a perfect 90°angle with a mirror like surface. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. As we know the quality of the bare fiber end face will determine the quality of the joint of the fibers in the fiber optic fusion process, and the joint point quality means higher or lower attenuation of the fiber connection line. So the fiber cleaver is very important in the fiber splicing process, it works together with the fusion splicer to meet the end needs.

Why do we need to cut the fiber at a perfect 90°angle at all? Well, this is required when we want to fuse two optical fibers together. Optical fiber fusion splicing always requires that the fiber tips have a smooth end face that is perpendicular to the fiber axis. The cleave quality is very important in determining the fusion splicing loss. This is especially true for specialty fibers such as erbium-doped fibers and dispersion compensating fibers.

The basic idea of optical fiber cleaving is first to scratch the fiber with a very hard diamond edge scribing tool, which induces a sufficiently large surface crack, then the fiber cleaver applies a tensile stress to the fiber which causes the crack to expand rapidly across the fiber cross section. Some other fiber cleavers apply the tensile stress first and then scratch the fiber with the diamond edge scribing tool.

Sumitomo FC-6S Introduction


With the introduction of FC-6 series, Sumitomo now has the utimate tool for single and ribbon cleaving. Built on a robust high quality platform, the FC-6 is ideal for use with fusion splicing or other precision applications, setting a new standard for flexibility and performance.
The FC-6 is available with a single fiber adapter for 250 to 900 micron coated single fibers. It is a simple operation for the user to remove or install the single fiber adapter and alternate between mass and single fiber cleaving.

An optional fiber scrap collector can be installed to help maintain loose scraps resulting from cleaving. The scrap collector works to automatically grab and store the scrap fibers as the cleaver’s lid is raised following a completed cleave.

Sumitomo FC-6S Main Features

. Used for single fiber cleaving
. Utilizes an Automatic Anvil Drop for Fewer Required Steps and Better Cleave Consistency
. Prevents Double Scoring of the Fibers.
. Has Superior Blade Height and Rotational Adjustment.
. Available With Automatic Fiber Scrap Collection.
. Can Be Operated With Minimal Steps

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Fiber Optic Tool- Underground Wire Locator NF-816

When first introduced approximately 40 years ago, underground wire locator needed to do little more than find buried water, gas, or sewer lines. Today, locating has become more complex as telecommunications cables join utility lines in the underground environment. Surprisingly, though, today’s underground cable locators rely on the same basic technology found in their early counterparts–injecting an electrical signal onto the cable being located.

Since its development, the cable locator has generally consisted of two parts–a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter puts an electrical signal onto the cable or pipe being traced, while the receiver picks up that signal, allowing the locator operator to the trace the signal’s patch and follow the cable being located.

The electromagnetic field created by the transmitter can usually be set to a specific frequency, depending on the type of conductor in the cable. Frequency choices can range from less than 1 kilohertz to about 480 kHz. With this range of frequencies, it is important to keep one thing in mind, according to Jim Grimes, Metrotech regional manager. “You want to start out at the lowest frequency, and if that frequency works, don`t change it,” he explains. “Lower frequencies seem to bleed over less and stay on the conductor you are attached to better.”

While the basic technology for locating hasn`t changed much, the ways for getting the signal onto the cable have. In addition to passive signals, which do not require the use of a transmitter, the three most common methods of sending signals are direct connect, general induction, and inductive coupling. In the inductive coupling method, the cable must be grounded to form a complete circuit path.

As its name implies, the direct-connect method allows you to physically attach your transmitter to the cable to be located. That may mean connecting at a cabinet or a pedestal and then gaining access to the shield that surrounds the cable, which is usually grounded at this point.

If directly attaching to the cable is impossible, then the induction method may be the logical choice. Here, you place the transmitter on the ground directly over the cable. Once the transmitter is turned on, it induces a signal into any nearby conductor within its range. This, of course, can lead to problems if there are multiple cables buried within close proximity because the signal could be picked up on a cable other than the one you are trying to trace.

Although inductive coupling doesn`t let the user directly connect to the cable, it provides a higher level of confidence than does general induction. It uses a donut-shaped coupling device that surrounds the cable and emits a signal onto the cable.

FiberStore offer NF-816 underground wire finder, it is designed to locate the path of non-energized wires behind walls and underground. The NF-816 underground cable wire locator can locate a specific circuit breaking, point out wires before drilling and verifying dig sites underground. This underground wire tracer effective range is up to 3 feet deep and up to 1000 feet in length.

Key Features

  • Find wire on all types of connected operating Ethernet switch /Router/PC terminal
  • Rapidly find the target wire from among plenty of telephone wires
  • Rapidly find the target wire from among plenty of network wires
  • It can take place of cable tester
  • Compare the volume of the “tout” sound and the brightness of the signal indicator. Then you can find the target wire which has the highest volume and brightest indicator


  • Trace telephone wire/LAN cable
  • Trace wire in electrical system
  • Verify LAN cable condition
  • Continuity test
  • DC level testing function
  • Bright white LED flash light


  • Output voltage: 9Vp-p
  • Battery: 9V DC
  • Carrier: 44.75KHz
  • Audio modulation: 900HZ
  • Size: transmitter: 49*125*33 mm receiver: 43*168*27mm
  • Color: yellow+ black

Generally speaking, a network cable tester is a device that test for different types of faults in cables like continuity, dislocation, open circuit, short circuit, cable pairing faults, or indications like shielding indication, straight cable/ cross over cable indication, etc. We aso provide various types of fiber testers, from basic to complicated, and all of high quality and good price. If you need this Underground Cable Locator NF-816 in a large quantity, we will provide you a special discount.

Anritsu MT9090A Hand-Held OTDR Network Master

There are many handheld OTDRs on the market that appear to be a good value until they are put into action and the user quickly finds out that they lack the performance needed to install and maintain today’s networks. The Network Master MT9090A with with MU909014x/15x modules is the first pocket-size OTDR that does not compromise performance. It features extremely high resolution and high range while providing unmatched simplicity. The Network Master uOTDR represents a new era in optical fiber testing.

FiberStore Anritsu MT9090A Hand-Held OTDR Network Master


Purpose-Built for Short Fiber Testing Until now, the right tool just didn’t exist for cost effectively testing short fibers. Handheld OTDRs and Fault Locators lacked the resolution and specifications to find issues in such short spans while mini-OTDRs were too large, too expensive and too complicated.

The new MT9090A from Anritsu finally addresses this need by providing all of the features and performance required for installation and maintenance of short fibers in a compact, modular test set. The MT9090A represents an unmatched level of value and ease of use, while not compromising performance. Data sampling of five centimeters and deadzones of less than one meter, ensure accurate and complete fiber evaluation while a simple testing sequence requires only one key press to initiate – allowing anyone to make error-free measurements.

The MT9090A represents a new era in drop cable and premise testing. Its ease of use, low price, high-resolution and size makes this the perfect product for “last mile” testing. Small but Capable Despite its small size, the MT9090A does not compromise performance or features. With a high resolution indoor/outdoor display, excellent optical performance, innovative features and expandable modular design, the MT9090A Network Master is clearly in a different class than most other “handheld OTDRs”.


. Unique, purpose-built solution for short fiber applications such as FTTx drop cables, intrabuilding cabling and wireless towers
. Exclusive, integrated launch fiber provides accurate initial connector measurement without external devices
. High resolution, widescreen color display that is easy to read indoors or out
. Fixed parameters simplify operation and ensure proper set-up – just press “START”
. Automated testing sequence with clear GO/NO GO results
. High resolution and extremely short deadzones ensure thorough short fiber evaluation
. Rugged, sealed design provides years of service in the most challenging environments
. Modular platform ensures maximum return on investment
. Compact and lightweight design for maximum portability in the field
. Complete FTTX maintenance tool – verify power levels and fault locate with one tool
. Unique 780nm wavelength for in-service maintenance of PONs without filters
. Priced right for widespread technician deployment

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Introduction To Optical Power Meter FS6070

Fiber optic power meter is an essential fiber test instrument used for absolute optical signal measurement as well as fiber optic loss related measurement. The term usually refers to a device for testing average power in fiber optic systems. Fiber optical power meter is a tool for telecom and CATV network. This handheld optical power meter features ingenious appearance, wide range of power measurement, high accurate test precision and user automatic self-calibration function.

Optical Power Meter FS6070



Power Meter FS6070 series with a chip microcomputer control and the large-screen graphics LCD, it can provide precision measurement from 850 to 1625nm wavelength ranges and measuring range including -70dBm to +6dBm, -50dBm to +26dBm.

The FS6070 power meter can test the PM power to the light, light stability, insertion loss, optical transmittance, reflectance of light and so on. It widely used in optical fiber communications, Telecom, Fiber Optical Sensors etc. It is indispensable for scientific research and engineering construction.


. Self-calibration function
. High performance import laser detector
. High sensitivity and large dynamic range 0.01dBm precision
. Automatically converted Range
. Small size, light weight, high reliability
. Battery-powered, convenient field work
. Line display or relative loss displayed


. Fiber optic production and research
. Testing and maintenance of fiber-optic network
. Teaching and testing in optical communication

Standard Package

.FS6070 Optical Power Meter, Operation Manual, Product Warranty Cards, Certificate, Desiccant, Portable Bag

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