Sumitomo FC-6S Precision Fiber Cleaver

Before introduce Sumitomo FC-6S fiber cleaver, let’s talk about what is optical fiber cleaving? Simply put, optical fiber cleaving is the art of cutting glass optical fibers at a perfect 90°angle with a mirror like surface. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. As we know the quality of the bare fiber end face will determine the quality of the joint of the fibers in the fiber optic fusion process, and the joint point quality means higher or lower attenuation of the fiber connection line. So the fiber cleaver is very important in the fiber splicing process, it works together with the fusion splicer to meet the end needs.

Why do we need to cut the fiber at a perfect 90°angle at all? Well, this is required when we want to fuse two optical fibers together. Optical fiber fusion splicing always requires that the fiber tips have a smooth end face that is perpendicular to the fiber axis. The cleave quality is very important in determining the fusion splicing loss. This is especially true for specialty fibers such as erbium-doped fibers and dispersion compensating fibers.

The basic idea of optical fiber cleaving is first to scratch the fiber with a very hard diamond edge scribing tool, which induces a sufficiently large surface crack, then the fiber cleaver applies a tensile stress to the fiber which causes the crack to expand rapidly across the fiber cross section. Some other fiber cleavers apply the tensile stress first and then scratch the fiber with the diamond edge scribing tool.

Sumitomo FC-6S Introduction


With the introduction of FC-6 series, Sumitomo now has the utimate tool for single and ribbon cleaving. Built on a robust high quality platform, the FC-6 is ideal for use with fusion splicing or other precision applications, setting a new standard for flexibility and performance.
The FC-6 is available with a single fiber adapter for 250 to 900 micron coated single fibers. It is a simple operation for the user to remove or install the single fiber adapter and alternate between mass and single fiber cleaving.

An optional fiber scrap collector can be installed to help maintain loose scraps resulting from cleaving. The scrap collector works to automatically grab and store the scrap fibers as the cleaver’s lid is raised following a completed cleave.

Sumitomo FC-6S Main Features

. Used for single fiber cleaving
. Utilizes an Automatic Anvil Drop for Fewer Required Steps and Better Cleave Consistency
. Prevents Double Scoring of the Fibers.
. Has Superior Blade Height and Rotational Adjustment.
. Available With Automatic Fiber Scrap Collection.
. Can Be Operated With Minimal Steps

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