Finisar Fibre Channel Transceiver (FC Transceiver) Introduction

Fibre Channel is a flexible, scalable, high-speed data transfer interface that can operate over a variety of both copper wire and optical fiber at high data rate. And optical connections will be the focus of this article. Before we discuss the Finisar Fibre Channel transceiver (FC Transceiver), let’s first make an understanding of Fibre Channel.

Fibre Channel Basics

Fibre Channel, or FC, is a high-speed network technology (commonly running at 2-, 4-, 8- and 16-gigabit per second rates) primarily used for Storage Area Networking (SAN). It allows large amounts of data to be moved reliably at multi gigabit speeds between computers, servers, disk arrays, and other devices. The ports and switches on Fibre Channel network use transceivers, such as SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) for 4G and lower Fibre Channel applications, or SFP+ for 8G FC or even 16G FC applications.

FC Transceiver

Finisar Fibre Channel tranceivers offer maximum performance, reliability and compatibility for storage and computing products. The following passages will introduce three kinds of Finisar Fibre Channel tranceivers, 4G FC transceiver, 8G FC transceiver, and 16G FC transceiver.

4G FC Transceiver (FTLF8524P2BNV)

Finisar’s FTLF8524P2BNV transceiver is designed for use in Fibre Channel links up to 4.25 Gb/s bi-directional data rate over multi-mode fiber(MMF). It is compatible with the SFP Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA). Besides, FTLF8524P2BNV also supports Gigabit Etherne,partly due to its rate selectable features. This optical transceiver is RoHS compliant and its maximum distance reaches up to 500 meter on 50/125 μm MMF, 300 meter on 62.5/125 μm MMF with LC connector interface.

8G FC Transceiver (FTLF8528P3BCV)

Finisar’s FTLF8528P3BCV SFP+ transceiver can support Fibre Channel links up to 8.5 Gb/s data rate over MMF. Fiberstore compatible Finisar’s FTLF8528P3BCV allows hot plug capability with built-in digital diagnostic functions. It’s compliant with MSA SFP+ Specification SFF-8431, with distance up to 50m on 50/125μm MMF, and 150m on 50/125μm (OM3)MMF with LC connector interface.

16G FC Transceiver (FTLF8529P3BCV)

Finisar’s FTLF8529P3BCV SFP+ transceivers are designed for use in Fibre Channel links up to 14.025 Gb/s data rate over MMF. They are compliant with FC-PI-5 Rev. 6.00, SFF-8472 Rev 11.0 and SFF-8081, and SFF-8432. Using 850nm Oxide VCSEL laser transmitter,FTLF8529P3BCV can reach 35m on 50/125μm MMF and 100m on high-bandwidth 50/125um (OM3) MMF with LC connector interface.

Why Choose Finisar Fibre Channel Transceiver?

Finisar’s high quality Fibre Channel transceivers are highly recommended in SAN environments because of their high-speed, proven reliability and guaranteed in-order delivery. They are capable to plug and play across the entire Finisar SAN storage product family, including MSA platforms, and are fully compatible with Finisar FC switches, routers, directors and blade server switches.


As a professional optical product manufacturer, as well as a third-party, Fiberstore fiber optic transceivers are 100% compatible with major brands, like Finisar mentioned above. Besides FTLF8524P2BNV, FTLF8528P3BCV, other Finisar compatible transceivers can also be found in Fiberstore, such as FTL410QE2C, and FCLF-8521-3.