FTTH Promote The Surge In Demand For Optical Network Testing

Testing is an important means to enhance network quality, network construction, an important means of operators. Test on the one hand, to ensure the consistency and stability of the business, at the same time can be effectively promoted the maturity of the industry.

Currently, the test is not only limited to test network equipment, more and more important for the business and user perception test. Therefore, testing techniques, testing tools developed laboratory environment to build all aspects of test quality assurance will affect the results of the entire test.

In the field of fiber optic communications, with China Mobile completed 100G network test now, “Broadband China” strategy forthcoming FTTH being the country vigorously. Fiber optic communication testing methods and techniques are changed with the change of network.

FTTH test can be roughly divided into the construction, maintenance, fault diagnosis phases. FTTH three wavelengths (1310nm, 1490 nm and 1550 nm) loss during the construction phase, the test focus. The optical splitter in a PON will bring a larger loss (such as a 1:32 optical splitter loss will be greater than 15dB), not only makes the light generating loss downlink, the uplink of the light will produce substantially the same loss. Splitter implementation techniques vary, making each optical path loss may exist differences, in order to strictly limit each optical path loss within the budget is a challenge.

Optical return loss is one of the difficulties of the current test. Optical return loss is not only a loss of energy, but also lead to the originator laser instability. Recommendations based on the ITU-TG.983 and G.984 series, optical return loss values should be in both directions. PON-based FTTH OTDR put forward new demands, requires not only support the 1490nm wavelength testing, but also with penetrating optical splitter. In addition, FTTH network transmission distance is shorter, but the introduction of the high loss of optical splitter requirements OTDR dynamic range wide enough selection of shorter OTDR dead; joints more requirements, high linearity.

In large-scale FTTH deployment phase, testing will be very heavy instrument automation has become one of the factors to be considered. FiberStore’s FOT-930 test instrument developed for this demand, the user simply one-button operation can be completed in the 10s three wavelengths (1310nm, 1490 nm and 1550 nm) bi-directional loss, optical return loss and fiber length test and automatically store test results.

Activation and maintenance, fault diagnosis stage, the most commonly used test instruments PON power meter. EPON or GPON system using time division multiple access technology, OLT and ONT need to activate in order to work, PON power meter has to trigger tests optical power capacity and support meter needs different optimization. FTTH construction early will also face business opened the challenges, many links need to manually construction service activation, as well as the opening of a long cycle, poor customer perception. Troubleshooting link, the failure rate and the declaration of DSL-more than twice the proportion of regional centers for processing, the door-to-door high.

FiberStore, EXFO, JDSU and other enterprises to provide FTTH is simple, fast, and a variety of intelligent solutions, provide strong support for FTTH construction.

The Rapid Development of FTTH Borrow PON Promote Triple Play

The arrival of the triple play, will greatly promote the video business, such as high-definition television, as well as the future of 3D TV business rapid development of broadband services, but also broadband access network is another new challenge. FTTH can not only provide massive bandwidth support business, and low operating costs, therefore, FTTH mode will gradually become the mainstream of triple play network construction in 2010 years to achieve scale deployment.

Significant advantages of FTTH

In the past few years, carriers generally adopted EPON technology, by the large-scale depolyment of FTTB/FTTN original access network of optical fibers and speed to achieve from the original 512K “narrow” broadband to 4M/8M/12M high bandwidth upgrade but with the growing popularity of high-definition television and other the severe erosion bandwith video class of business in the next few years, due to the limited bandwidth of EPON can prodive effective, as well as the number of users more brought under a single PON port existing mode will lead to the present FTTB-based access network to turn highlights powerless in the next era of full-service, bandwidth bottlenecks. Continues to mature as the whole industry chain, the end-to-end cost of each line of FTTH has dropped to about 1,000 yuan, has reached the scale deployment costs level, especially in the new area, FTTH FTTB cost disadvantage compared to the gradual narrow, basically reached the same level. Taking into account the FTTH can provide massive bandwidth, business support, and teh operating costs are vey low, FTTH mode will gradually become the mainstream, and achieve economies of scale deployments in 2010.

High quality FTTH

Shanghai Bell as leading technology PON equipment manufacturers, has launched GPON/EPON/10GPON mixed interpolation solutions based on the original 7342 platform, together with a light terminal series to meet operators under different scenarios and business needs FTTH deployment. The Shanghai Bell and Verizon the asymmetric 10G GPON current network pilot. Shanghai Bell will strive to promote 10GPON mature early realization of its commercial deployment.

GPON for FTTH deployment

In FTTH scenario, because GPON splitting ration can be achieved 1:128, with better network planning flexibility, mobility and bandwidth scheduling, can effectively reduce the sunk cost. GPON offers higher effective downlink bandwidth and better QoS guarantee. In addition, in the process of upgrading to the next generation 10G PON compared to EPON, GPON can achieve a smoother evolution.

Completely isolated 10G GPON GPON up and down the line wavelength, wavelength division superposition can be used, in the case does not change the current network deployment OLT / ONT / ODN smooth upgrade. Upstream wavelength and 10GEPON and EPON overlap, so using time division multiplexing manner compatible with the existing network deployment EPON ONU, which will lead to all central office OLT line card with new the line of 10GEPON card to replace this deployment of existing network services and devices serious. Therefore, GPON technology is more suitable for the construction of the FTTH network.