The Typle and Introduction of Fiber Optic Connector

According to the different transmission, fiber optic connector can be divided into singmode and multimode silicon-based fiber optic cable, and fiber optic cable in plastic transmission medium. According to the connector structure can be divided into FC,SC,ST,LC,D4,DIN,MU and etc. Wherein ST fiber optic connector is commonly used wiring device side, such as Fiber Optic Patch Cords panels, fiber optic module. While SC and MT connectors are typically used for network equipment side. By the shape of the fiber end face, it can be divided into FC,PC(including SPC or UPC) and APC,according to the number of fiber core, it can be divided into  singlecore and multicore (eg MT-RJ).Fiber optic connectors are widely used variety. In actual application process, we generally follow different fiber connector structure to distinguish it. The following are some of the more common optical connector:

FC fiber optic connectors: Strengthening way is to use an external metal sleeve, fastening means for the turnbuckles. Generally adopt ODF side(Mostly used one the patch panel).
ST fiber optic connectors: Commonly used in fiber optic patch panels, rounded shell, fastening means for the turnbuckles.(Commonly used in fiber optic patch panel).
SC fiber optic connectors: Connected with GBIC optical modules connector, its casing is rectangular, fastening means is a latch type using pin plug, do not need to rotate.(Mostly used in Switch Router).
LC fiber optic connectors: Connected with SFP module connector, it uses easy operation made modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism
MT-RJ:Square transceiver fiber optic connectors, one pair of fiber transceiver.

Several common fiber jumpers:

Sc to Lc Fiber Patch Cable

sc to lc

*Connector Type: SC-LC
*Polish Type: UPC
*Core Size: 100/140um
*Large bandwidth and Low attenuation
*High return loss and low insertion loss
*Factory terminated for superior performance
*Good interchangeability and duplication
*Allow 10 Gig / second link distances of up to 550m
*Custom fiber optic cable lengths and jacket colorsInsertion loss testing performed on every assembly
*Available in simplex or duplex with a wide variety of connectors
*Meets or exceeds industry standards for Return Loss and Reflectance
*Huge stock, good packing, competitive prices and very fast delivery

 St-Lc Fiber Patch Cable

st lc

Sc to Sc Fiber Patch Cable

sc to sc fiber patch cable

Fc-Sc Fiber Patch Cord

fc to sc fiber patch cords

The fiber jumpers from fiberstore use smaller concentricity error and inner diameter high-precision ceramic ferrule,as well provides additional insertion loss and return loss, in order to avoid damage to the transmission optical transceiver device. We use advanced technology and grinding equipment, ensure the grinding fiber center offset, depression and end radius of curvature of ceramic fiber. Our Technical parameters are in line with the required standards. Fiberstore ensure the long-term use of the connector, not only for the joints and back reflection attenuation test, but aslo the use of scratches or blemishes precision interferometer test the joint surface, measurements taken FC, ST, SC, LC and MU-type connector of the radius of curvature, ground offset amount of the optical fiber and the projecting amount of depression, in order to ensure the quality of the joint.

Fiberstore can be configured as single, dual core or multi-core, and different types according to customer needs. Our fiber products has different fire rating, providing design flexibility. Insertion loss, return loss, interchangeability, repeated mating performance, easy to use.