Digital Optical Video Fiber Optical Transceiver in Highway Monitoring System

Nowadays there are 3 grades in highway toll stations, toll station, sub-center and center. It seems a separation structure, but it is high efficient centralized management. All the charge stations are far away from monitoring center, and the monitor and control system need to upload images, so point to point fiber transceiver for image transmission is not an ideal, the highway toll station applied the multi-channel video image transmission in the form of transport nodes machine cascade that both N toll station through the video matrix switch out of 2 (or 3, 4) video images through video nodes by 1 core fiber optical transceiver cascade transmitted to the monitoring center. At the same time, the toll station monitoring (holder, lens, matrix switch, etc.) reverse control data transmission by the charging station to provide a data channel.

Highway video transmission system’s main purpose is to put the front end of the video signal and control signal transmission adopts optical transceiver system to road management center. For example, XFP and X2 module.

The section of monitor sub-center monitoring information on a particular road, video signals including road surface monitoring, the monitoring and controlling of the tunnel. Road surface monitoring mainly in entrances and exits, road crowded area and accident-prone area.Tunnel monitoring object is inside the tunnel and the driveway, portal, sidetracked and channel distribution.

And the character of the image inside the tunnel is very scattered and concentrated, Image is dispersion and concentration, perhaps only every a few hundreds of meters will come out tunnel road images, and a few kilometers of tunnels can be up to hundreds of images, each image distance between 120 meters to 150 meters or so.

Road surface monitoring image is more complexed. To fully monitor sections are at intervals of about 2 km image all the way, what the characteristic of this is more scattered.

Because these images will directly reflect each point on the road of actual traffic conditions, monitoring sections of sub-center was required to put forward the fiber optic transceiver system. Generally we should use digital real-time image compression, and optical transmission of optical transceiver become our first choice.

The application of digital video optical transceiver has improved the efficiency of the toll booths, convenient for different toll station business data transmission, and the centralized management of different data.

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