Coarse wavelength division multiplexing(CWDM) multiplexer demultiplexer Developing

A WDM system uses a multiplexer at the transmitter to join the signals together, and a demultiplexer at the receiver to split them apart. With the right type of fiber it is possible to have a device that does both simultaneously, and can function as an optical add-drop multiplexer. In Fiberstore,I find the WDM including CWDM and DWDM equipment.Now,we work together to learn what is CWDM multiplexer demultiplexer.

Coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) is a method of combining multiple signals on laser beams at various wavelengths for transmission along fiber optic cables, such that the number of channels is fewer than in dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) but more than in standard wavelength division multiplexing (WDM).

CWDM multiplexer demultiplexer Module is a flexible, low-cost solution that enables the expansion of existing fiber capacity. Coupled with highly reliable passive optics certified for environmentally hardened applications, the CWDM Mux/Demux lets operators make full use of available fiber bandwidth in local loop and enterprise architectures.

The CWDM multiplexer/demultiplexer is a universal device capable of combining nine optical signals into a fiber pair. It is designed to support a broad range of architectures, ranging from scalable point-to-point links to two fiber-protected rings.

The CWDM Mux/Demux is designed to interoperate with both the Wave Ready line of transponder and optical regenerator solutions as well as CWDM transponders and small form-factor pluggables (SFPs) used in widely available transmission equipment. With billions of field operating hours, the industryleading optical multiplexing technology offers unparalleled reliability and leading-edge performance.

CWDM Module Developing:

America’s CWDM module supports eight CWDM channel, in the near future is expected to be extended to 16 within the full spectrum wavelength. And launch of the CWDM system is said to have a comprehensive network management function, can to equipment remote monitoring, configuration, and the alarm. In addition, the CWDM has made the card into the recent popular GPON (gigabit PON) system. Recently, the American time warner has signed a long-term purchase agreement, includes: WavSystem of CWDM module will be used in New York, Ohio, the deployment of gigabit metropolitan area network.

In terms of optical fiber, the current us lang – development of full wave fiber and corning SMF28 – e fiber (g. 652 c) basically eliminated the water peak attenuation and macro bending loss, and other properties with conventional single-mode g. 652 optical fiber; Japan introduced two kinds of suitable for CWDM fiber of low water content, the fiber maximum eliminate residual fiber of OH – ions, reduce the transmission loss. The use of these optical fiber, is expected to greatly promote the wide popularity of CWDM technology, especially in the application of long distance communication.

In terms of optical fiber, the Japanese launched two suitable for CWDM fiber of low water content. The fiber in the utmost elimination of fiber OH ions residue, reduce the transmission loss. In addition, corning, companies such as lucent also produce optical fiber low water content. The use of these optical fiber, is expected to greatly promote the wide popularity of CWDM technology.