FBT splitter And PLC Splitter For Sale In Fiberstore

As the optical fiber communication industry recovery and the development of FTTX, fiber optic coupler splitter market in the spring is coming. Optical divider at present basically has two types: one is the traditional optical passive components production technology (FBT splitter) production of fused taper fiber divider; Another is to use an integrated optical technology production of planar optical waveguide branching device (PLC).Basically the two type of fiber splitter share the similar spectroscopic principle. Both of them are coupled to each other by changing the optical fiber between the evanescent field (the degree of coupling, the coupling length) as well as to change the radius of the optical slender to achieve different size branching amount.Fiberstore supply the FBT splitter and PLC Splitter.You can find them in our store.

FBT splitter

FBT splitter based on the traditional technology, it is to bundle together two or more optical fibers, and then pull the cone machine melt stretching, and real-time monitoring the change of the ratio, spectral ratio requirements after melt stretching, one side retain a single fiber (the rest of the cut) as input, the other end is a multi-channel output. At present mature pull cone process once only 1 x 4 below. More than 1 x 4 devices, with more than 1 x 2 together. Overall packaging again in the divider boxes.FBT Coupler is designed for power splitting and tapping telecommunication equipment, CATV networks, and test equipment.

Due to the making method of the FBT Coupler is simple, inexpensive, easy to connect to external fiber as a whole, and resistance in for-mechanical vibration and temperature changes, and other advantages, it has become the mainstream manufacturing technology in current the market.

PLC Splitter

PLC Splitter is a hot research at home and abroad today, with a good prospect of application,PLC Splitter (Planar waveguide Circuit optical splitter) are developed using silica glass waveguide circuits and aligned fiber pigtails, integrated inside a miniature package. PLC splitters provide low-cost solution for optical signal distribution, with small form factor and superb reliability. They are designed for FTTx Passive Optical Networks, CWDM, DWDM and optical cable TV System. For example,the blockless plc splitter module is one of PLC Splitter,it uses PLC & Package technology to split one wavelength into many ports, from 4 way to 32 way. It has no fan-out block so you can save space and achieve smaller splitter modules.


FBT splitter: Low cost, raw materials gotten easily (quartz substrate , stainless steel, fiber, hot dorm, GEL), splitting ratio according to the needs of real-time monitoring, can make unequal splitting ratio.

PLC Splitter: Loss is not sensitive to the wavelength of the transmitted , to meet the transmission requirements of different wavelength, spectral uniformity, the average signal assigned to the user, compact structure, small volume, low cost of more points, the more obvious cost advantage.


FBT splitter: Loss sensitive wavelength, the different wavelengths should be chosen different devices, the poor uniformity, can not ensure uniform spectroscopic, insertion loss changes large with temperature variation is greater.

PLC Splitter:The device fabrication process complexity, high technical threshold.