Custom Fiber Optic Swich Systems

The custom fiber optic system is conceived as a collection of building blocks which can be chosen by the costumer to fulfill his needs. The heart of the systems are the MEMS Optical Switch, varialbe optical attenuators, couplers, splitters together with kilometers of fiber divided into sections. All integrated in the same instrument to achieve costumer’s needs concerning measurements, simulations and testing.

The inputs are basically the fiber optical inputs and the control inputs. For the moment a serial input (RS232) and an USB control are available. The outputs available for measurement are the optical fibers themselves toghether with outputs to measure the energy, s/n ration, and BERT.


Some of the applications for Custom Fiber Optic System are the following:

Real Network Simulation: This system allows to simulate real network conditions by switching reels of fiber into the optical path. Due to its flexibility and its configurable character, it can simulate different network configurations scenarios in order to study the behavior in each case.

Improve Optical Testing and Measurements: Thanks to the electronic control of the optical parts, the user can choose easily which components are active simply by sending the required information to the serial/USB port.

Automatic Testing: The user can build his own solution integrating system together with a computer, other measurement instruments and a bus.

fiber optic swiches

Fiberstore optical switch uses a moving prism between fixed collimator pairs, which allows bi-directional operation independent of data rate and signal format. 9/125 and 62.5/125 ┬Ám, 1 m long, jacketed fiber pigtails are available on all models. In addition, optional ST, FC and SC fiber connector termination options can be added. We supply optical switches based on Opto-mechanical Switch, MEMS, Solid-State technology with proven reliability and the configurations are available as 1 x 1, 1 x 2, 2 x 2, etc.. Moreover, we offer non-latching, latching, single-mode and multimode versions. Our optical switches are all with high quality and ready for the FTTx applications.