Introduce Two kinds of Fiber Optic Termination Tools

What is termination? according to the Wikippedia, you can find nearly 20 different uses and meanings of this word. But here in the fiber termination tools which used in fiber cabling, the termination is the preparation of the end of a fiber so that it may be connected to another fiber or device. Fiber optic termination kit is used for fiber termination and contains tools those used to strip, prep, terminate, crimp, polish and inspect fiber optic cable connectors.

Fiber Connector Termination Tool Kit FB-3601

FiberStore Fiber Connector Termination Tool Kit FB-3601

This tools kit included: Fiber Optic Stripper CFS-2, Kevlar Scissor KC-1, Carbide Scribe Tool, Tri-Hole Fiber Optic Stripper, Fiber Jacket Stripper, Universal Connector Crimp Tool, Buffer Tube Stripper, Round Cable Jacket Stripper,400x Universal Fiber Microscope, LC adapter for 400x Microscope, Flexible Piano Wire, Precision tweezers, 24 Part Connector Hot Oven, Thermometer, EPO-TEK 353ND Epoxy 4g/Pkg, Epoxy Application Syringe 3ml, 15µm Polish Film, 5µm Polish Film, 1µm Polish Film, 0.02µm Polish Film, 2.5mm Universal Polish Puck(SC/ST/FC), LC polish puck, 5.9 Rubber Polish Pad, Glass Polish Plate, Safety Glasses, IPA Fiber Cleaning Wipes(Pre-Moistened), KimWipes 280piece/box, NTT fiber optic connector cleaner, Alcohol Dispensing Bottle with Locked 100ml,Water bottle, 3M Electrician Tape, Utility Knife, Cleaning Swabs, Utility Component Box, Black Marker, Carrying Case (430×330×135mm).

Fiber Optic Termination HT-K3032

FiberStore Tool Kit for Fiber Optic Termination HT-K3032

The HT-K3032 it included: Carbide Scribe, Syringe, Stripper, A/B Fast Epoxy Glue, Cleanser, ST Polish Disc, SC Polish Disc, Wipe Paper, Kevlar Cutter, Glass Working Pad, Ratcheting Crimp Tool
with Die, 6µm Diamond Polish Film, 1µm Diamond Polish Film, 05µm Aluminum Oxide Polish Film, Rubber Working Pad.

A fiber termination tool can be used for varying purposes, and it can be used in the following process:

The first, using a chemical solvents or mechanical strippers to strip the buffer and coating material from fiber before being cleaned with alcohol;

The second, we have to using a metal or diamond blade to nick the fiber before the tension which applied causing it to break;

The third procedure is using grit abrasive paper to polish the fiber until the fiber end is smooth;

The four procedure comes to using a microscope (be better with high power pixel, so you can see it clearly) to inspect the end of fiber which to insure that the end of fiber is really smooth;

Then let’s come to last step, we have to attach the connectors to the fibers or splicing them to make them joined together.

Fiber Optic Tool Kit is very important in fiber optic installation and maintenance works. It puts a certain type of fiber optic tools into one kit to make work easier. The tools used in the kit are thoughtfully assembled and stored in high-quality cases which keep them safe, neat and in proper working order. If you would like to know the fiber optic tool kit price, and want to know more fiber optic cable lineman tools, please visit our website.

Introduction To PON Power Meter FS607P

PON Power Meter FS607P


PON optical power meter is a tester designed for design, operation and maintenance of FTTx network. It is able to concurrently measure the optical power values of voice, data and video signals. It is an ideal choice for the construction and maintenance of FTTx network works. The FS607P is with high quality HD TFT color LCD, and the dual-port through the design, guarantee the full communication testing from the OLT to the ONT.


. Providing simultaneous measurement at all three wavelengths on the fiber (1490nm, 1550nm, 1310nm)
. Used in Burst mode measurement of 1310nm upstream
. Dual-port through the design, guarantee the full communication testing from the OLT to the ONT
. Three status LEDs represents different optical signal conditions of Pass, Warn and Fail respectively
. Easy to use, simply connect the fiber to read the results
. HD TFT color LCD
. USB communication port enables data transfer, easy and quick
. 200 measurement items can be saved in PON power meter or computer for data review
. Through the background software setting threshold, upload data, calibration wavelength
. Auto power off function, and time settings on the device, the threshold setting


. FTTx / PON opening: In the opening stage of all PON signals are measured to verify and ensure that meet network standards
. FTTx / PON maintenance: routine maintenance of various transport issues, such as: connector end surface contamination, fiber macro bending, breaking, Optical fault, etc.; that will have a loss of signal or transmission performance simultaneously measure and display 1310 upstream, 1490 downstream and 1550 downstream the power of three wavelength values.

Standard Packing

. FS607P PON optical power meter
. Operation Manual
. Product Warranty Cards
. Certificate
. Portable Bag

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