A Brief introduction of MTP One-Push Cleaner

As fiber optics is now widely used in telecommunication and networking, more attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the interfaces since it can directly influence the quality of transmission. The newly published MTP one-push cleaner is designed to solve this problem thus to make it ever easier to clean the MPO/MTP connectors.

The Introduction of MTP One-Push Cleaner

This one-push cleaner is a high-performance and user friendly device aimed to clean the ferrule end-faces of MPO&MTP connectors. And it can be implemented to clean both connectors and adapters with the innovative one-push action. Unlike the traditional cleaning methods, it uses the latest cleaning technologies and free from any alcohol or other harsh chemicals. Moreover, it is supposed to clean all 12 fibers at once, meanwhile, to clean both exposed jumper ends and connectors in adapters, which are proved to be cost effective and time saving.

The Importance to Use MTP One-Push Cleaner

It is claimed that more than 85% of the fiber optic network failures in optical communication facilities is resulted from contaminated optical connector end face. However, to clean the connectors regularly may help prevent things like performance degradation, network failure and transmission error from happening. So, in order to enable connectors to operate in the best condition, it is essential to make sure that all optical fibers are clean and free of dust and dirt. And the maintenance of fiber optic systems attaches great importance to the cleaning of fiber optic facilities.

The Features of MTP One-Push Cleaner

The NEOCLEAN-M MTP/MPO one-push cleaner, a newly published product that is specific to the cleaning of MPO/MTP connectors. It is designed to achieve efficient and quick cleanliness of the connector end faces by removing dust, oil and other debris alike. Without nicking or scratching the end face, it serves as an ideal instrument for all MPO/MTP connectors. The one-push cleaner obtains several features:

  • Easy one-hand operation
  • 600+cleanings per unit
  • Clean ferrules with or without guide pins
  • Narrow design reaches tightly spaced MPO adapters
  • Intermateability with FOCIS-5 (MPO)

The Application of MTP One-Push Cleaner

The one-push cleaner can be commonly used in various working environments,such as:

  • Fiber network patch panels
  • Cable assembly manufacturing
  • Suitable for field or laboratory use
  • Outside Plant and Fiber To The Home
  • Data Centers

As one of the most popular fiber cleaner which is generally accepted in the field of networking, the one-push cleaner offers much convenience and flexibility for users with outstanding performance. In the following, I would like to illustrate how to use this one-push cleaner efficiently.

The picture below shows the whole details of an one-push cleaner, a guide cup is placed on the cleaning tip of the cleaner, and on the top of which exists a cover used for protection.

MTP One-Push Cleaner

If you want to clean a connector, insert the cleaning tip into the connector with the guide cup as the following picture, then press the cleaner until you hear a click. The whole process of cleaning is then finished.

MTP MPO cleaner

If you want to clean an adapter, firstly remove the entire protective cap, then insert the cleaning tip into the adapter. Pressing the cleaner, after you hear a click, a cleaning for a fiber optic adapter is done. It is especially useful during the test since the equipment for testing usually have an interface of the adapter.

MTP MPO adapter cleaning

This NEOCLEAN-M MTP/MPO one-push cleaner mentioned above only account a very small part of the cleaning products offered by FS. For more detailed information and other fiber optic cleaning choices, please visit www.fs.com.